Starting from zero

Starting from zero

This case study aims at showing you how SEO is done starting from square one. We hope that thru this example, you all can get a better idea of how SEO works, and how it can help with boosting your ranking in Google.  

All statistics shown on this page are taken from, and will be updated monthly.

We started doing SEO work on 25th May, 2020, and below are the figures showing our status on as of today, 24th June, 2020.


Ground Work: 

We started by analyzing our main competitors, and brainstorming on all possible keywords and any long-tail words.


Action Plan:

Keyword Research: After having done with the analytical work, Table 1 reflects all the keywords we had come up with, and their related figures are shown as well.

Table 1 figures are as of 23th July


Backlinks: Good quality links, achieved by having unique and relevant contents  written-up containing the selected keywords in every piece of articles.


Link Building: Putting articles in blog posts, each anchoring to the targeted URLs.



As you can see from Table 1, one of our chosen keywords Ranked Boost, has risen from having no record to ranking 42, that is ranked on page 5 in just one month.

We will be continuing with our SEO work, and will have monthly updates posted here on our site. Please drop in every now and then to check on our work.



As results from Table 1 indicates, Ranked Boost and Rank Booster had both rocketed to Page 2 within the last two months, and we are keeping on with our SEO work, feel free to keep track on our results together with us.